Government of the greedy, for the greedy and by the greedy

AKA Our Country Tis'nt of Thee

America we have a problem. Or government is being run by greedy people who are turning it into a 3rd world nation. White people wake up you will suffer too. The greedy want to cut down the population by increasing poverty and decreasing food and medical care. In other words they want to kill you.

I used to say the greedy stole or country but then I realized it was never ours. From the beginning all white rich men were created equal. Women, children, people of color and the poor have never been equal to the white rich men. In reality the white rich men were the inferiors.

Capitalism has been replaced by greedism. Capitalism is small business employing 80% of the job force. Greedism is the death of capitalism and small business.

We need to go back to the small businesses and have a little socialism like our medical. Greed has made our medical system a system of death

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