Stop U.S. Imperialism

I started a Facebook Group called Stop U.S. Imperialism.

From the Beginning the U.S. Has been an imperialist nation and has committed genocide. It is guilty of more war crimes and crimes against humanity than any other country.

The words, “All men are created equal” means wealthy white men and does not include women, children and people of color.

I have often said it is time to take our country back but in reallity it was never ours. In school we were taught a bunch of lies in a subject called history. It is the white rich folks story.

America is ours but the government is not. I am a proud American but I am not proud of the U.S. which to me is not America. Some would call me a traitor but those who support the lies and actions of the government are the traitors.

It is time to let congress know that we the people is us not just the wealthy. Go to the poles and vote out those who are not for us and are the economy and the human race. Democratic and republican parties are traitors.

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